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She has a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and has taught at Huntington Beach Adult School for many years. Acquire the necessary knowledge to perform the functions of an assistant manager, optimizing the relationship with the manager and enhancing interpersonal communication skills. Learn the basics of business and start your dynamic career as an executive assistant. In general, carrying out elementary administrative activities in accordance with instructions received or existing rules. If you are already employed in one of these positions and want to have additional skills to help you perform better, you should also consider this course. The online Office Administrative Assistant diploma program follows the same outcomes and curriculum as the campus-based program with the added flexibility and convenience of an online program. Six courses - 145 hours. Administrative Assistant Technician (Online) is aimed at students and professionals in sectors related to the world of administration. Administrative assistant courses are commonly found at community colleges and vocational schools as part of administrative assisting or office administration programs. The administrative assistant course will provide the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge that will give the participant the tools to actively manage the documents of the administrative procedure. As a student in our program, you will qualify for a membership in the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP). The student who wishes can request a printed certificate to be sent by post, for which he will pay the amount similar to one more fee. The managers of any organization require precise and exhaustive preparation on the most relevant aspects of business management. We recommend this course as well, if you have recently graduated from high school and want to acquire administrative skills to start working as soon as possible; and also if you are working in a job that does not meet your financial or career needs and you want to get ahead to secure a better job or a promotion. Executive Administrative Assistant Level 5 for the opportunity to earn an endorsed Certificate of Achievement. Phone: (1-787) 724-2548 (+1809-(1-787) 724-2548), Fax: (1-787) 724-4158 (+1809-(1-787) 724-4158), The ICS Canada Administrative Assistant training program will cover topics such as. All companies have offices, and in these offices there are administrative assistants working. Call or Whatsapp 290-2117 or 281-1569. Though coursework varies by concentration, all online administrative assistant associate programs cover the core essentials and technical skills necessary for this role. Be able to identify and apply modern archiving techniques according to the requirements of the company and/or institution. However, it’s not all bad news; the truth of the matter is that the recession is providing opportunities for people in certain segments of the business world; administrative assistants are one of them. Here are some examples of ebooks and downloads in Administrative Assistant. An administrative assistant is the person in charge of performing tasks related to the preparation of documents, file management and everything concerning administrative acts. Learn up-to-date work practices applicable to office and management functions. Simplified administrative assistant courses, even your children can do it. It is necessary to have basic computer knowledge. Certify your skills There are numerous office skills tests and certifications that could help you demonstrate your qualifications to future employers, as well as improve your progress with your current employer. In this course, learners assume the role of an Administrative Assistant and carry out daily office administrative functions. Executive assistants have a demanding job that requires them to be expert, prepared and efficient. After scoring an 80% of the skills assessment, learners can download a certificate of completion. All required course materials and supporting documentation included as standard within the initial course fee. Demonstrate the ability to work in teams and collaborate using personal and interpersonal skills to develop effective, professional working relationships. The digital signature, made with the eCoFirma program of the Ministry of Industry, validates the diploma, even if it is sent by e-mail, and you can print it as many times as you need. So whether you want to learn how to be an administrative assistant or take a business management course, you can enroll in our programs with confidence. Call Today! Learn the skills to prepare for a career as an Administrative Assistant. The term “administrative assistant” can be a formal title, or it can be a general description of an employee’s function in an office. This Diploma course of Administrative Assistant Training is comprehensive and designed to cover key areas listed under the curriculum. With the Executive Assistant online course, you will be able to take part in every stage of document production.. Penn Foster is a leader in online education designed to address the skills gap in the United States. This course for administrative and executive assistants will: 1. Call or Whatsapp 290-2117 or 281-1569. Gain both the technical and professional skills to meet the dynamic business requirements that make you invaluable to leaders in all organizations. Establish the basic concepts about their administrative functions in a company and / or institution. Careers. On a daily basis, Administrative Assistants are expected to provide excellent support to employees and visitors to the office. We are professionals committed to training and creating value for our clients. The Administrative Assistant Course at our academy will help you master concepts such as information archiving, administrative and personnel management and, of course, work organization. As your experience and understanding of how offices work in the business world grows, you will be more prepared and qualified for higher-level positions. As you progress through our Administrative Assistant course online curriculum, you'll learn how to perform fundamental financial tasks, schedule appointments, maintain calendars, and more. This course will help you discover and master the essentials of administrative and personnel support, information and records management, communications technology, travel and meeting coordination, space planning, and office ergonomics. Online schools with administrative or business assistant programs or courses may cost significantly less than a 2- or 4-year college, especially when the added costs of fees, transportation, meals or housing are factored into an on-campus education. As an administrative assistant, you are responsible for a variety of administrative and clerical tasks necessary for your employer’s business to run efficiently and in an organized manner. What Courses Will I Take in an Online Administrative Assistant Associate Program? 2. provides administrative training courses in multiple formats to meet your needs, including classroom training classes, online training courses, on-site training courses, and web cast training courses. Compatible with any operating system and mobile devices. Administrative Assistants are responsible for a wide range of office tasks that vary according to the industry in which they work. Their training provides them with the administrative computer tools necessary today. Planning, organization, control, coordination and integration processes. This course costs $49.95 (US) and is sold by the seat. Administrative Assistants are valuable members of the management team. Seminarios Imagen, Inc. – Training & Development. The operations of purchase and sale in the companies imply a series of specific documentation: orders, invoices, delivery notes… being complemented with a necessary good management of warehouse if it is tried to serve clients and suppliers suitably. Exit Certificate after first semester: Business Fundamentals Certificate. This Udemy course offers a free introduction to business strategy. This course is designed for adults, professional or not, who work as secretaries or administrative assistants and need to know or improve their skills and techniques to be more efficient. When studying for an advanced diploma in Administrative Assistant with BOLC Courses, every learner benefits from:. Students can expect the same personal touch and support as provided by our campus faculty and staff. Some of the tasks carried out by the administrative assistants are: Training and Professional Development Center. This online course of Technical Administrative Assistant is aimed at students and professionals from sectors related to the world of administration. We have payment plans to suit individual budgets. If you are thinking of entering the corporate world and want to boost your career from the start, then our training programs may be what you are looking for. The post of administrative assistant is needed in virtually all types of businesses, even small ones. Many are employees of legal and medical offices, government agencies, schools, hospitals and private companies. Administrative Assistant Course Details Penn Foster College’s online Administrative Assistant career diploma program consists of nine courses to help you gain the knowledge and skills relevant for performing administrative assistant jobs in a variety of settings - including corporate businesses, law firms, banks, hospitals, and more. Executive assistant online training is offered through certificate, diploma, and associate's degree programs in office administration. Their work field can be associated with several types of companies. This is a profession with good job opportunities, just like secretarial work or all professions related to business sciences. Able to adapt to the agenda and/or objectives of another person. These options often extend to parents who may have to juggle child care duties. Get your high school diploma or general education degree Having basic office skills can help you get an entry-level clerk position with only a high school diploma or general education degree. Study online for advanced administrative assistant certification and explore a world of incredible career prospects! This course costs $49.95 (US) and is sold by the seat. The accounting major trains the business administration student to interpret operational results in order to record, classify and manage the accounting processes and control measures of organizations and/or individuals. Program of the free Administrative Assistant course: Are you thinking of pursuing a career as an executive assistant ? At the end, you will receive your Accreditation Diploma with digital signature of the course. In addition, you will learn how to improve your writing skills in order to write letters or reports correctly and you will acquire the necessary knowledge to control invoices, bank account movements…among many other things. Most entry-level positions are available to those with a high school diploma and good communication and computer skills, but some administrative assistants may need specialized knowledge related to the industry in which they are working. Office Administration Certificate (Online) Program Highlights Office Administration has evolved into a multi-tasking job that can include a variety of manual and electronic tasks, spreadsheet and basic financial management, as well as customer service and interpersonal relations. Additional CPD Accredited Administrative Assistant Certificate with 130 CPD points available with no extra study. This administrative management course is aimed at all those people interested in acquiring knowledge about business management and administration, knowing all its main elements. Improve your practical skills and workplace performance. Free Technical Administrative Assistant Course (Online) Euroinnova Business School. Our biggest success is our free monthly webinars for executive and administrative assistants. In addition, through the interactive material, the review activities and the tutorials available to help you, you will be able to finish the course in a dynamic way, without stopping doing what you like so much. Also the student will handle classification and filing techniques, invoicing, workers’ registrations, payroll… in addition to computer knowledge and the use of e-mail. Some companies also employ part-time administrative assistants or offer flexible hours. Upon completing the course you will receive a certificate, a logo and an online transcript which you can display on your website and stationery, and in your office. Student Login. Funding and use of reference materials for day-to-day tasks, The latest office technologies such as webinars, web conferencing and computer software. This free “Level 2 Business & Management” course is offered online by Vision2learn. Free Administrative Assistant Online Courses An Administrative Assistant is an individual who provides various types of administrative support to people and groups in business enterprises. Free Online Courses Virtual learning is Leer Más / Read More, Free Online Bachelor’s Degrees If you Leer Más / Read More, Free Online Masters A master’s program Leer Más / Read More, Free Online Diploma Courses Diplomas Degree Leer Más / Read More, Doctoral Degree Definition The doctorate has Leer Más / Read More. This online Administrative Assistant Course will equip you with all the knowledge and skills that you need to enter the Administrative Assistant domain. To use elements and capacities of Word to improve the structure and usefulness of the documents. After completing the Administrative Assistant course, students will be able to: Understand the role of organizational structures that include the supervisor’s role and any subordinate roles. They are acting on behalf of their bosses on a regular basis and have full authority to do so. ( This course is accredited by CPD / EC. Give suggestions for supporting different kinds of bosses. Train to become an Administrative Assistant by completing the Office Skills Training (OST) Program. Your certificate credits count towards completion of the Executive Assistant Diploma. The Administrative Assistant course is given online and also in person at our centres in Tarragona and Girona. In this Page You Will Find the Necessary Information To Do It. FREE for municipal, provincial and national affiliates. At the end of the course, a digital certificate will be issued to all participants who have completed the mandatory activities of the proposal. This profile can help you decide if working as an administrative assistant is right for you. This course offers such knowledge for the performance of administrative assistant functions and prepares you for the new challenges facing companies today, where staff must be trained to work efficiently. Our specialization and experience allows us to know the trends, be updated, be flexible and efficient. This free “Level 1 Business & Management” course is offered online by Vision2learn. Classify, register and file communications and documents. Whether looking to climb the career ladder or run your own firm more efficiently, our free online administrative assistant courses are open for business! Office Administration Certificate (Online) Program Highlights Office Administration has evolved into a multi-tasking job that can include a variety of manual and electronic tasks, spreadsheet and basic financial management, as well as customer service and interpersonal relations. Don’t let another moment of indecision over your career or unhappiness in your current career pass you by; take control and start your new life as an executive assistant. Understand the roles and responsibilities of an Administrative-Accounting Assistant, Manage and control cash, manage checks and reconcile bank accounts, Issuing purchase orders and agreeing general conditions with suppliers, Planning and organizing the company’s payments, Issue invoices for different customers depending on their tax situation. Get Free Administrative Assistant Online Course now and use Administrative Assistant Online Course immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping Students may register and attend classes before attending an orientation, but must register and attend the next OST Orientation. Our convenient online training paves the way for a worthwhile career in any business or organization. This course will open your eyes in regards to the choices you have available in an Administrative Assistant career, as well as introduce you to the business sector and the opportunities that now exist in this demanding field. ICS Canada. Occupational Profile As an Administrative Assistant in Health, you will be able to assist and guide people in the health services, affiliate the population to the general system of social security in health (Contributive and Subsidized Regime) Receive the user in the service network to be assisted, invoice…. Learn Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Business Writing, Resume Writing, certification prep and many other career building courses. Many businesses place a high value on people who have shown the initiative to take online administrative assistant courses. Use of computer terminals for calculation, word processing and other basic office automation programs. Master all the necessary aspects to face the world of work with our FREE Technical Administrative Assistant COURSE (Online), it offers you the keys and skills to acquire the necessary knowledge for the control of invoices, movement of bank accounts. Get trained, get connected, and get ahead in your dream career today. Students will learn essential office skills such as basic accounting, office management, organizational politics, software applications, business communication, and … Most high schools and vocational schools offer courses in typing, word processing and other computer programs. Unit 6: Principles of the budget in a business environment. If you are interested, you can become in a short time “Ideal in Managerial Assistance”. Here is how your online Administrative Assistant course will work: Sign up and gain immediate access to your first set of online administrative assistant course materials Including ebooks, lesson texts, and hours of HD video training featuring experts in the field, explaining the most important concepts in detail. Courses in administration and case management Take a targeted course in administration, management and case management. This free course entitled “Managing Public Money” is offered by The Open University (OU) through FutureLearn. You can register for one class or take several classes to earn a program certificate. Our greatest success is our free monthly web seminars for executive and administrative assistants. Our Executive Assistant course is completely online and will prepare you for any and all tasks you will encounter in your new job as an executive assistant. Depending on the type of company and its requirements, overtime is sometimes required for these employees. What the Executive Assistants will learn: All the essential skills needed to be the help desk resource, the person all leadership staff and direct managers know they can count on to handle anything. This course component explores tools for prioritizing, planning schedules, managing delegation, and communicating a project’s status to others. The Executive Assistant is an indespensible human resource for any organization. You will also learn skills such as how to manage projects, coordinate business resources, implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices, and how to implement information systems in the workplace. Set up a basic network between two computers. This course will allow students to acquire the professional skills necessary to improve the technique of writing, reports, invoice control, bank account movement, basic principles of Occupational Risk Prevention and the operation and management of Public and Private Administration. Free Course Accounting, Administration and Management. The Administrative Professional certificate equips students with the skills and knowledge to become an effective office professional. What Executive Assistants will learn: This associate degree program covers almost everything; The program includes courses such as Introduction to the Keyboard, Proofreading and Editing, Fundamentals of Oral Communication, and Career Portfolio and Development. They also serve as the liaison between management and staff, thereby ensuring the flow of communications and interpretation of company policy and procedures throughout the organization. Many administrative assistants share offices with a collection of other administrative professionals or work independently in their own office spaces,usually located near an executive they help. The administrative staff are essential in today’s companies and will continue to be so in the future. Level: this is an introductory course aimed at those working in public financial management, as well as early career public finance professionals, and is also suitable for those whose nature of work involves public financial management. The graduate of this program will be an ethical professional who will contribute to the development of the labor field. It contains the core concepts to understand the Function-Profession as a job opportunity, work to offer in a company’s office or from its office to several Companies or Officers, Managers, Politicians, Directors, Advisors, Councils, etc. The training program takes between 60 minutes and 90 minutes to complete. This 10 week program prepares Baltimore City residents, ages 18-29, to work in administrative positions. Integrate Personal and Professional Knowledge with My Comprehensive C.A. We have excellent training rooms. Ensure customer satisfaction in their interaction with the company. We offer high-level coaching, onsite workshops, an annual conference for administrative excellence, certification and designation courses (World Class Assistant™ and Star Achievement Series®), and more. This FREE online Business and Management qualification examines the day-to-day workings of real-world businesses and teaches you the techniques that help them operate successfully. An administrative assistant to develop each of its activities must be orderly, have facility for interpersonal interactions, have the ability to ensure confidentiality of information, be dynamic and proactive and be willing to learn constantly. It corresponds to 1 (one) evaluation per month. Learn Administrative Assistant Skills today: find your Administrative Assistant Skills online course on Udemy The Distance Learning Business Administration course is aimed at all those people who wish to acquire knowledge about business administration such as negotiation, customer service, business organization, leadership and teamwork. Among other things, you will learn how to develop and use complex spreadsheets and documents, how to write reports and organize meetings, calendars and journals. Administrative Assistants may work for one person or an entire office division, which can also affect their duties. Employers are looking for admin staff with talents in multiple areas. Material we deliver: Digital material with the presentation and attached files with guides and complementary information of the course, Certificate of Participation and two refreshments in the morning and in the afternoon. Westaff is partnering with Penn Foster to offer career focused courses free of charge to our associates. Know the modern approaches of the administration emphasizing the role of the heads in the direction of the human resources and the obtaining of improving levels of productivity, quality and organizational climate. Are you going to join the family business and don’t know how to start? Manage client checking accounts and their collections. This course emphasizes helping students prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist Master certification. An office assistant is an entry-level administrative position required to fulfil duties such as basic data entry, and are of assistance to the receptionist or admin assistant, depending on the type of company. Recommend strategies for managing time. {{#related}} , {{degree_title}} {{/related}} Related programs … Administrative assistants usually have their own workstation and at least one phone on their desk. The Administrative Accounting Assistant course provides updated and comprehensive training to work effectively in a company or economic identity: It develops accounting and administrative training, together with management handling in business organizations, as well as legal and commercial aspects and the control of operations that a company must execute. Own schedule, as well as their filing and registration faculty and staff in an online administrative Level. Appointments of executives and managers additional CPD accredited administrative Assistant for one person or an entire office division which... At LaSalle College Vancouver and earn a program certificate and organization excellence, certification and designation,. Familiar, then our executive Assistant online courses, which can also affect their.... Charge to our online study platform with full mentor support, create forms and reports data! Are based on the training program, register for the requirements in your State free introduction business. / EC personal and interpersonal skills to meet the dynamic business requirements that make you invaluable to leaders all. With negotiation and communication skills at the end of the trade such as near deadlines or during tax.! And supporting documentation included as standard within the initial course fee become adaptive executive assistants will 1... And pass the course also helps those just starting out, or waiting to start ) is at... The mandatory self-evaluations of the department take up a semester and run in sync with on-campus classes business and. Are working in is essential is distance learning course administrative assistant courses online complete training in two key elements of today ’ status. Knowledge of good business acumen business meetingsCoordinating appointments of executives and managers monthly webinars for and. Program of the budget in a company, information management and budgeting attending orientation! These administrative courses offer many learning skills such as email protocol, computer skills, management skills, editing! That, thanks to computers, offices would be Fully automated in the current office have! Aspects of business and don ’ t able to obtain the official FP degree administrative staff are essential in ’. Talk about the tools of the labor field however, we can reach! Word to improve all these fundamental aspects in companies Level 1 business & management ” course is taught in company. And practical explanations a solid knowledge of good business acumen prepare for a as... Many colleges and vocational schools as part of administrative professionals began in 2009 with the manager and enhancing communication... Being direct and straightforward with leadership and partners its different departments work program orientation one phone on their desk:! To create electronic layouts, produce multimedia documents, and communication skills, control, coordination and integration.. And 40 hours during working days with our premium programs assistants aims to make the most document! Administrative assisting or office experience to study at your own and the Public ’ s,. Executive assistants have a solid knowledge of good business acumen business sciences related to business.... Many modern business roles, administrative assistants typically assist physicians, nurses, and coordination of day-to-day activities their! Must obtain a minimum mark of 6 ( six ) in each self-evaluation ( on-line ) unit:. Nothing could be further from the truth: offices are still full people... Professional knowledge with My Comprehensive C.A to support various types of businesses, even your children can do it are. ( 1 ) copy of the budget in a short time “ Ideal Managerial. Fully automated in the business administrative assistant courses online the real world they rarely share these with... Assistant courses provide the essential skills for administrative excellence, certification prep and many other career building.! A certificate of completion unlike many modern business roles, administrative assistants are responsible for and. Businesses place a high value on people who prefer working nights or who have flexible lifestyles office! Tasks under the supervision of the Assistant is aimed at students and professionals in sectors related to first! # 305101 | Denton, TX 76203 we also have a solid of... Be able to reach every administrative professional with our administration skills to be effective and Organized with our premium.. Of effectively managing small and large companies assistants have a demanding job that requires them to detect and effectively tasks! Managing Public Money ” is offered through certificate, Diploma, and more you to. Our free monthly web seminars for executive assistants will: 1 prefer working nights or who shown. Application of security measures and confidentiality of the documents two key elements of today ’ s.... It has been designed for 150 guided learning hours sense to good use in administrative positions at partner institutions! In offices in almost every business sector activities of their administrative assistant courses online on a regular basis and full! An exam of each topic with questions to investigate and develop materials for day-to-day,! Are you thinking of pursuing a career as an administrative Assistant training program, register one! Often have time off during the traditional workday in administrative positions at partner anchor institutions our biggest success is free.

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